Our Services

We See Things Differently

Achieving Your Objectives

At IXT, we see beyond the surface, we examine what goes beneath to build & maintain sustainable mission-critical facilities. 

Share with us your mission & objectives for your data centre/corporate server room, we can customise the solution based on your unique requirements.  

Anticipation instead of Prevention

For each of our turnkey project, we begin with the end in mind. This is to better anticipate potential problems that would occur before, during and after project implementation.

Turnkey Design & Build Solution

Strategic Consultancy

Having a full-fledged in-house X Team with extensive knowledge and professionally DC-trained, we only apply industry best framework and analyse the most productive solutions to your business to eliminate technology silos.

We approach the design with maintenance in mind by adopting a “Predicting the Future” mindset – Plans and caters to possible future data centre expansion. With a Maintenance expertise in the team allows us to have strong domain experience in planning, predicting, troubleshooting & project implementation.

Smart Planning

Upon assessing the site and customising client’ requirements, the team maps out the space planning and layout visualisation with strong understanding in regulations, design & safety standards to follow, forming a solid foundation for a new data centre to best meet your unique requirements.

Proficient Implementation

The Project Management team will take over the project to ensure it is seamlessly & efficiently implemented, with compliant to regulations and meticulous workmanship. Finally, the commission and handover of the data centre will complete with a well-detailed operation manual for future maintenance purpose.

Operations at its Optimum

Our in-house maintenance team performs routine maintenance servicing and standby 24 x 7 to response to any emergency, to ensure swift recovery and achieve sustainable business continuity and optimal uptime. 

Preventive Maintenance Services

Strong & Reliable
In-House Capabilities

Service Suite

Integrated In-House Expertise & Experience

24 x 7 Technical Services
and Support

So you can focus on your Business Growth Customer Service Productivity 

Strong & Reliable In-House Capabilities

Our in-house technical services and support team provides a comprehensive range of Maintenance and Service contracts for your data centre/corporate server room M&E infrastructure, with a guaranteed Service Level and 24/7 support.

Comprehensive Service Suite

For each maintenance site, we work hard to ensure client receives prompt assistance, accurate and updated information by providing:

  • Dedicated Technical Account Manager
  • Provide After Service Report for each servicing performed
  • Regular product & technology updates

Integrated In-House Expertise & Experience

Our team of committed certified data centre facility operations engineers are trained in both mechanical and electrical system, and well acquainted with the inner workings of the various mission-critical equipment and systems. This enable effective trouble shooting and swift rectification.

24 x 7 Technical Services & Support

Our standby technical support teams response to emergencies and equipment breakdowns 24/7, ensure swift business recovery.

Facilities Management Services

Over the years, IXT has built up a team of FM practitioners to manage and handle all physical aspects of Critical Infrastructure. Working closely with your team, we will maximise the efficacy and safety of your Facilities by addressing all your specific needs accordingly.

Data Centre Audit & Consultancy

With thorough periodic reviews on the critical equipment in the data centre, the risk of business downtime is minimised. Our team of consultants is well equipped with the professional expertise to conduct site feasibility studies as well as to make sound recommendations to enhance your systems and facilities.

Build & Maintenance Services
for Office M&E Systems

Office buildings are equally important in supporting business operational uptime, which is why in recent years we have expanded service offerings to support critical M&E systems for office operations.  Our services include:

  • 24x7x2hrs M&E support
  • Electrical systems
  • Cooling systems
  • Water detection systems for wet pantry
  • Fire extinguisher renewal
  • Fire curtain
  • Fire protection systems
  • Handy man services
  • Security access system
  • CCTV surveillance system